Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cupcake Bouquet

This bouquet was ordered by my friend to celebrate her wedding anniversary. 
10 Vanilla Cupcakes topping with butter cream.

To you my friend..this is a wish....

As a new life dawns, standing side by side,
May your hearts become one and may love abide.
May the dreams that you're dreaming all come true,
And may everything wonderful happen to you.
May you come to know that in love it's wise,
To give of yourself and to compromise,
To learn how to listen and how to forgive,
And to treasure each other as long as you live,
May you be as happy as you can be,
In a home that's filled with tranquility,
But when storms arise and they cause distress,
May you counter the turmoil with tenderness.
As you share in the laughter and the tears,
May you freely express your hopes and your fears,
May you grow old together side by side,
And forever and always may true love abide.

(Genie's Poetry)

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