Thursday, October 28, 2010


This Sexy Pink was specially made for my Mom, an Aglonema lover...
Steamed Brownies with diameter 15 cm (2 layer) and 18 cm (1 layer). The leaves look so real because of using edible images. The total usage was 2 edible image sheets consisting of 18 leaves with 3 different sizes. Effect curve obtained by using artificial wire normally used for craft.

How to make this?

First, flats 2 layer cake of 15 cm diameter and 1 layer (on top) cake of 18 cm diameter. Cover cake with a thin layer of butter cream and then cover with brown fondant around the cake. For the top; sprinkle with cocoa powder evenly to get the ground effects.

Punch a hole through the center of cake with plastic dowel that looks like a small pipe. The hole serves to stick the wire leaves. Prepare edible image-shaped leaves, give a layer of White Cooking Chocolate (WCC) that has melted first on the back side of edible image. After the WCC a bit stiff, stick a wire in the edible image to shape follow the curve of the wire. Cover the back of the wire with WCC and wait until dry. Do the same for other leaves.

Arrange the leaves by inserting the wires into the dowel (hole) and add brown fondant to prop up the wires so the wires do not move.

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Dream It Up Cookies said...

I love your work, everything you make is so cute!