Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pillows to Dream On - Wedding Cake

I was very excited working on this cake...because after all this time a wedding cake was too good to be true...finally someone asked for it.

Inspired by the 2011 Wilton Yearbook that has been bought since the beginning of last November. 
I was so fascinated with pillow cake in the book until it became the spirit to make it happen...and this was the right time.

Each pillow was made of two cakes with diameter 24 cm and 16 cm. But in the end result after formed, the diameter approximately 23 cm (bottom pillow) and 15 cm (top pillow). While the height of each pillow in the end approximately 12 cm.
Chocolate cake decorated with fondant and roses from gumpaste.

 And to create the impression of wedding cake, I add a pair of imitation rings between the bride names.
Thank you Kethy....making this cake was so special to me.

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