Sunday, February 13, 2011

In The Night Garden

Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle, Tombliboos and Makka Pakka are the characters of "In The Night Garden"; a BBC children's television series.

Steamed Brownie cake covering ganache with fondant decoration.

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate modeling decoration.


Jammy said...

These are fantastic.... You are very talented, I'm looking at these for when my little ones birthdays come around. the detail is excellent.

In The Night Garden is one of the few kids shows on TV now days which has hidden and deeper meaning. I've written about it here:

Let me know what you think!

Zaidinil Khusna (Dina) said...

Hi Jammy...don't you know?..I read your writing and looked at the picture of these characters on your blog when I made this cake :-). I never understood this story before...thank you

Jammy said...

I'm flattered, thank you :))